Why collect "NOT STAR NOTES?" or every day notes

This is alot more Complicated.
The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) prints notes that last as long as possible.
Notes are made to last about 3 to 7 years. Notes used everyday, like a $1 bill, will exchange many hands, more times than a 20 dollar bill.
To get an older dated note, you have to get one that was saved by a person. Maybe as a collectible, maybe as a gift stored in an envelope.
If you really tried to find a 1963 $5 note from any Federal Bank, that task would be nearly impossible.

If you were to try and find a 2000 note, it may take you a few months but you MIGHT find one!
Right now they are replacing 2004 notes everyday.
Older notes will become harder to find!

There are 12 Federal banks that issue notes. A set of notes with a specifice year is collectible.
So there is a Market for all notes issued by 12 Federal Banks. This makes saving some NON-STAR Notes a very desired collection. (it also saves money)
Each Federal bank has their notes printed designated by the Letter in the seal.

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This is a set of Four 1988A $1 Notes

1953 $2  Red Seal

1976 $2 Bicentenial

1976-A $2 Bicentenial

$1934 A Federal Reserve note

$20 2006 note

$20 2004 note

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