Most Valuable Collection

This is the data record for 2003 of $5 Star note sheet. Remember, there are 16 notes! This "G" (or Chicago) was the 2nd Run of 320,000 Star Notes were manufactured in 2004. There was a total of 1,286,400,000 of non-star notes made. STAR NOTE made in 2003 or 0.70% of all notes producted. Star notes are VERY Rare because of the volume to non-star notes. ALSO! Notes made in 2003 are 16 years old and life time of a $5 note is 7 years, so the Banks remove them as they appear with damage over the years. Star Notes Sheet are stored away by Collectors. Some collectors do not have the provenance that I investigate and provide to my package. I've been looking at Notes for 35 -40 years.  This makes this deal and INCREDIBLE Deal

This package could be valued at $300 to $500 any time after 2020.

$5 Star Note Package of 4 Gem Perfect Notes

This table shows how many non-stars VS Total of Star Notes
This Table indicates that ONLY ONE of these star notes was Certified. 
This means none have been submitted which makes these Valuable. 

This is how the US BEP ships the Uncut Sheets. In a Tube! 
Look at the Embossing after 14 Years!  You can still see it! & Its a STAR NOTE too.